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Davao City Tourism
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Door 8, Magsaysay Park Complex, Magsaysay Park, 8000 Davao City
Aug. 15, 2016, 8 a.m.

Calendar of Official Events

August 15
Kinabuhi Photo Exhibit - 2pm (Durian Dome, People's Park)
Ecumenical Mass - 3pm (Great Lawn, People's Park)
Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2016 Ceremonial Opening - 4pm (Great Lawn, People's Park)
Tribuhanong Pasundayag - 6pm (Rizal Park)

August 16
Tribuhanong Pasundayag - 6pm (Rizal Park)

August 17
Tribuhanong Pasundayag - 6pm (Rizal Park)

August 18
Dula Kadayawan - 8am (Great Lawn, People's Park)
Hiyas sa Kadayawan Cultural Presentation - 2pm (Atrium, Gaisano Mall of Davao)
Tribuhanong Pasundayag - 6pm (Rizal Park)
Tunog Mindanao, Sayaw Mindanao & Bantawan

August 19
Subang Sinugdanan (Fluvial Parade) - 7am (Davao River)
Panagtagbo - 8am (Tionko Field)
Hiyas sa Kadayawan Grand Finals 6pm (Davao City Recreation Center)
August 20
Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan - 8am (Magsaysay Park to Rizal Park)

August 21
Pamulak sa Kadayawan - 8am (Magsaysay Park to Rizal Park)
Pahalipay sa Kadayawan - 6pm (Rizal Park)

Kadayawan Festival Information 

Event Date:
Aug. 15 - Aug. 21, 2016 (Official)
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Davao City Tourism

Door 8, Magsaysay Park Complex, Magsaysay Park, 8000 Davao City

Telephone: 222.1956 | 222.1957 | 222.1958
Hours: Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On the onset of the administration Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, the City Government has declared the five key areas that it will focus on: peace and order, education, effective delivery of social services, investment promotion and generation, and tourism. The administration of Mayor Sara Duterte aims to make Davao City the premier leisure and investment destination of the country while maintaining a stable environment for development and becoming the rallying point for Mindanao. Reaping the rewards of the previous administration, Davao City has gained a robust foundation for peace and security, ultimately paving the way for the city to rebuild a favorable environment for business, commerce and tourism.

Based on the Department of Tourism's 2010 report, Davao Region had total arrivals of 913,182 visitors, and more than half of this figure or 682,821 were Davao City's tourists - making the city the No. 6 tourist destination in the country last year. Among the reasons why tourists visit Davao City are following: being in a typhoon-free zone; having unique eco-tourism and cultural resources, attractions and activities; strategic location with a number of flights, shipping routes and land trips; competitive cost advantage/value for money; most prepared city to respond to emergency; availability of world class public and private utilities, services and infrastructure; highly skilled and educated population; safe and clean destination; and the city government's strong partnership with the private sector.

At present, the city government is currently embarking on a new tourism campaign that captures Davao City's abundance of eco-tourism assets and practices as well as its diverse multi-cultural populace and heritage.

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