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Davao City Government Guidelines No. 8 On Covid-19 Davao City Is Not On Lockdown.News!

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March 13, 2020, 1:25 p.m.

NO LOCKDOWN | Mayor Sara asks Dabawenyos to not leave Davao City

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said the local government has not implemented a lockdown of Davao City but emphasized that Dabawenyos are prohibited from leaving the city. 

Mayor Duterte made the clarification immediately after issuing Guidelines No. 8 on Covid-19 Thursday evening.

The guidelines clearly state that “Davao City is NOT ON LOCKDOWN.”

The full text of the guidelines:

1. All Davao residents are prohibited from going out of Davao City. 

2. All short term visitors are advised to leave Davao City immediately. 

3. All travelers to Davao City are requested to postpone your visit until after the State of Public Health Emergency is lifted. 

The mayor, in a live interview on government-owned Davao Disaster Radio 87.5, said Dabwenyos should understand the drastic need for action. 

“The city has a limitation on health facilities and we cannot afford a wide spread infection of Covid-19 here. Many people will die if we will not take action,” she said. 

To wait for one positive patient before taking action is too late for everyone, the mayor said.

The mayor stressed that those people who are not residents of Davao should better be thinking about “preventive measures” than pursuing trips to Davao.

“If you are not a resident of Davao and you get the disease here, you can spread it in your hometown once you go back. It would be better if we take preventive measures,” she said.

People from outside Davao may still travel to the city because there is no lockdown, but it would be better postpone their travel. 

The mayor added that the country is currently under a state of health emergency related to national security because it was the no less than the President who issued the proclamation. 

She explained that since health is a primary public concern, it is within her mandate to remind the public of what should be done. 

“It is my obligation to do so,” she said.




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