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Davao City
Oct. 29, 2018, 3:55 p.m.

The registration for this year’s Koro sa Pasko, slated at the Matina Town Square on December 14, is now open to choral groups in Davao City, which are based in educational institutions or communities.


Koro sa Pasko is one of the major events during the month-long Pasko Fiesta celebration in the city.


“Koro sa Pasko is open to choral groups based only in Davao City,” City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) Chief Gene Rose Tecson said.


The competition has four categories: Elementary, High School, College and Community-based.


Tecson said all participating groups must register with the Koro sa Pasko Secretariat at the Integrated Gender And Development Division (IGDD) Office, Room 9 of the City Hall Building on or before November 16, 2018.


She said each group must have 15-20 members, excluding the conductor and the instrumentalists; however, the latter must not be composed of more than five (5) persons.


Elementary, High School and College Choir Applicants should submit the duly filled-out entry form signed by their Principal/Dean.



The entry form should be submitted with the following: list of members currently enrolled in the respective schools during the competition, photocopy of the representative’s ID (front and back) with three signatures and TIN.


On the other hand, community-based choir applicants must submit the duly filled-out entry form signed by their Barangay Captain along with the names of its members, bearing their residency as attested by the Barangay Captain, photocopy of the representative’s ID (front and back) with three signatures and TIN.


Tecson said there will be a maximum of eight (8) entries per category.


However, if there are less than three (3) entries in a particular category, that category will be dissolved or cancelled.


The choral groups are required to sing two songs for the competition: one in English and one in Filipino or any of the local languages. At least one of the two songs is a Christmas song. The duration of each song must not exceed seven minutes.


“It is obligatory that one of the two songs shall be sung in stationary and a capella. The other song shall be choreographed with live instrumentation or recorded music,” she said.


Up for grabs are P20,000 for the first prize, P15,000 for the second prize and P10,000 for the third prize. There will also be three consolation prizes at P3,000 (ranks 4-6).


For inquiries please contact IGDD OIC Lorna Mandin, Event Committee Chair, through mobile no. ‪09237498003 or email at CIO




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