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Davao City, Philippines
Aug. 17, 2018, 3:42 p.m.

Water is vital to life. Over 70% of out body is made of water, all body functions depend on it, and drinking water and being hydrated with purified water is critical to health and well-being. Dehydration can contribute to; headaches, dizziness, being tired, loss of concentration, hypertension, weight gain, kidney failure, constipation, muscle cramps and body aches and pains. In many cases you’re not sick. Your body is just thirsty for clean, pure water.


Most people are aware of the health hazards with tap water, and bottled water (served in environmentally unfriendly plastic) is of questionable quality. In fact, most filtered water process involves plastic. Only our water purification systems exceeds NSF/ASI Standards, and we are the only company that purifies water in SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL. 


Our WHOLE HOUSE 4-Stage Water Filter System features breakthrough magnetic field technology that adds a softening effect, without the use of salt or electricity. Spotting is reduced, hair becomes silkier – more manageable – and your skin feels softer.


Crystal clear water, reduced scaling on pipes and appliances. Intended for use with municipally treated water.


STAGE 1: NSF Certified KDF 55 Filtration media controls scales, bacteria, algae and fungi even in hot water. Reduces chlorine, pesticides, organic mater, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.


STAGE 2: Special Ultra Blend Plus is effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, heavy metals, THM's plus bad taste and odors.


STAGE 3: High Denisty Garnet Bed is designed to remove any remaining carbon fine and sediment.


STAGE 4: Breakthrough Magnetic field technology reverse the hard water condition and replicates soft water behavior without the use of salt or electricity. It maintains a pH level, while leaving in the vital minerals that are necessary for good health.

  • Crystal clear water
  • Spotting is reduced.
  • Hair becomes silkier
  • Skin feels softer.
  • Reduces scaling on pipes and appliances

Back-washing Feature

  • Eliminates the need for a prefilter in most municipally treated water.
  • Back-washes away impurities, sediment, particulate matter.
  • Fluff, regenerates and resettles the garnet and special media bed, preparing these stages for another filtering cycle.

Bypass System

  • The bypass feature makes it convenient when the unit is being serviced or re-bedded.

Unit available in:

  • WH750/3790 (750,000 gallons, 10″ x 54″; weight: 85 lbs; Stainless Steel)
  • WH500/3290 (500,000 gallons, 10″ x 35″; weight: 60 lbs; Stainless Steel)



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