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Small Businesses Urged To Use New Filtration TechnologyNews!

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Door 5, Ebro-Pelayo Bldg., (former Department of Foreign Affairs office), Jacinto St., Davao City
July 3, 2018, 4:59 p.m.

WITH the successful pilot test of the Vertical Helophyte Filtration System (VHFS) in Porky Best, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Davao Region encouraged other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to use this technology to treat their wastewater.

VHFS is a filtering technology that uses plants as one of the materials that absorb pollutants from wastewater. This technology was adapted from the Netherlands where it is used by households.

In Davao Region, after Dutch water engineering and waste management expert Sean Ligvoet introduced the technology to DOST, the government agency is eyeing to first use it in food processing establishments and small businesses.

In an earlier interview with Science and Technology Davao assistant regional director Mirasol Domingo, she said the filtered water is no longer potable but can be reused for watering the plants or washing the car, for example.

During the Kapehan sa Dabaw press conference held yesterday, July 2, Science and Technology regional director Anthony Sales said the technology testing with Porky Best garnered good results.

“With this technology, we have seen with Porky Best that the coliform count is compliant. High amount of coliform in the water can of course cause illness. The chemical parameter of the filtered water is also within the chemical parameters required by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR),” Sales said.


He added that most of the SMEs now just discard their water unfiltered and this may cause pollution to the rivers and the streams. With this technology, filtered waste water will not be as detrimental to the environment. On top of this, the VHFS also has a life-span of 25 years. Sales said the cost of the technology when they tested it with Porky Best is at around P100,000. This is reasonable compared to annual P12,000 to P13,000 cost of cleaning septic tanks for maintenance purpose of food processing SMEs.

“This equipment will be attached to the septic tank and then the water from the septic tank will be sucked out to proceed to the filter. When it goes out, it is already clean. The filtered water will be compliant to class A or class B water of the DENR. It means that this can be immediately disposed to our waste water,” added Sales.

Currently, DOST is using this technology at the Davao City slaughterhouse in Ma-a, Davao City.

Sales said this is a challenge as the pollutants in the slaughterhouse are different and so the DOST is currently designing it in such a way that would fit the demands of the slaughterhouse. They are also doing the same with a poultry farm in Mintal, Davao City.

Sales said they are trying to customize VHFS with different types of industries to make sure it suits the demands of the certain industry depending on the type of pollutant it has as well.



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