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June 4, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

Carico’s Water Filtration Systems offer a complete line of advanced filters, for total protection against a variety of contaminants. We have a filter for every need. From the various points of use, to your ice maker to all rooms in your house, Carico has a solution for you. Exceptional Warranty available.



Magnetic field technology adds a softening effect, without the use of salt or electricity. Spotting is reduced, hair becomes silkier – more manageable – and your skin feels softer. Crystal clear water, reduced scaling on pipes and appliances. Intended for use with municipally treated water.


Ultra Blend Plus, a special blend of media that includes NSF Certified KDF 55 and coconut shell carbon, maintains a balanced pH value, while removing:

  • bad taste                           
  • odors
  • scale
  • lead
  • mercury
  • THM's
  • VOC's
  • chlorine
  • pesticides
  • mold
  • fungi
  • lime
  • chloramines
  • cadmium
  • chloroform
  • arsenic
  • herbicides
  • minor levels of hydrogen sulfide
  • MTBE & BTEX (petroleum & crude oil by-products)

Unit available in:

• WH 750 (750,000 gallons, 10″ x 54″; weight: 85 lbs; Stainless Steel)

• WH 500 (500,000 gallons, 10″ x 35″; weight: 60 lbs; Stainless Steel)

Item# FILSS750 – WH 750 (750 Model shown)
Item# FILSS500 – WH 500



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