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March 19, 2018, 12:40 p.m.

MOST people might think that a halal-certified food is only for the Muslims.


However, MS3 Agri-Ventures CEO and managing director Neil “Abdul Kareem” Santillan said that for a food to be called halal, its main priority is the hygienic handling on top of many others which makes it also ideal even for non-Muslims.


Being only one of the few producers of halal cacao products in Davao City, MS3 Agri-Ventures produces halal tablea, powder, nibs, and tea. Only recently the company launched its Halal dark chocolate available in 50 percent, 65 percent, and 75 percent varieties. Their 50 percent was given the name Bonchoc or “Bean of Nature Chocolate.”


Santillan said the process of Halal chocolate making involves strict halal procedures from fermentation of raw materials, to production, to packaging, up until logistics.


He said they use food grade plastic crates during the fermentation process which is very easier to clean compare to other crates.


“The main objective of the process of halal really is a clean way. We evaluate where the raw materials are from. During the production, the raw materials should not be over-roasted. Because if it happens, it might cause the loss of nutrients. What you’re doing loses its value with that. We also consider the nutritional value it has when making halal food,” said Santillan.


Aside from the fermentation and the processing itself, he also said they make sure to purchase packaging materials from a halal-certified source as well.


Currently, their packaging materials are sourced out from Metro Ace, a Davao-based company that specializes in halal packaging products. He said buying from Metro Ace assures them that the materials had been checked properly to avoid any form of contamination.


Once the materials are already packaged, Santillan said the storage rooms should also be halal.


“Before the cargo comes inside the warehouse or the storage area, it should undergo general washing to avoid contamination. It needs to be sterilized. Also, we make sure that the vehicle where the halal products are loaded is for exclusive use of the halal products only and not to be used for loading of haram products,” he added.


He also said there are instances when non-Muslim companies are able to produce halal products. With this, Muslim employees also need to be deployed.


He further said that in making sure their products are halal, they stretch their market reach as their products are very much safe both for Muslims and non-Muslims primarily because of the company's strict compliance to hygienic handling protocols.


Even though the market for halal products in the world market is huge, Santillan said it is not easy to penetrate the business as thorough evaluation is needed to certify that a food, product, or service is indeed halal.


“Auditors inspect your area, your warehouse to make sure you can be certified halal. It’s not really that simple that you only use the logo, you are already halal. It goes through certifying companies and agencies,” Santillan added.

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